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The Great Stanmobile Escape

The Great Stanmobile Escape
The Great Stanmobile Escape 3.67/5 (73.33%) 6 votes

For a very long time our friend Stan had freedom in the Gravity Falls games, but in The Great Stanmobile Escape it ends. That’s right, he will have to run away from the cops, that never before patrolled this area where he likes to race against no one, simply driving at a high speed with his old classic car that he likes to call his Stanmobile. There are even trunks he leave on the road to make his driving a much more challenging and fun ride, although he will probably regret it in case his skills won’t be enough to win the race against the patrol cars, now chasing him across the lands of Gravity Falls. Make sure both Stan and his mobile will be safe and sound once the police decided to forget about him, or else they might arrest him or investigate further to find where he lives. Simply using the Arrow keys is enough to drive his potent car.

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