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Sanjay and Craig: Lost Frycade

Sanjay and Craig: Lost Frycade
Sanjay and Craig: Lost Frycade 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Sanjay and Craig have found the online game Lost Frycade in the arcade nextdoor and will fight undead creatures using punches through buttons. This gaming machine has never been tested before and they want to be the first to play with it before anyone else arrives at this place. They will find skeletons and demon bats to kill, using nothing but buttons that gives punching and super abilities to the player. This isn’t hacked, so there are HP that must be kept full or at least not zero, so dodge the enemy attacks whenever they try to strike the character. Punch, dodge and use the special skill, all with the Arrow keys and Space-bar. Good luck!

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