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Pokémon: Hoopa and The Clash of Ages

Pokémon: Hoopa and The Clash of Ages
Pokémon: Hoopa and The Clash of Ages 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Similar to what happened to Celebi in the past and 4th movie of Pokémon, now Hoopa will have a new, powerful and evil transformation. A sympathetic creature who met Ash and his Pikachu in the X and Y movie, now attacking and destroying the entire city against his will. If only Ash Ketchum could predict that this would happen, he would be more prepared to stop the Dark and Psychic Pokémon before the chaos was too great for him to act. Well, everything is possible in the world of games, so take advantage of it and start capturing many strong and powerful monsters that are stil wild and free, using the Pokéballs toi later train them for the final battle in the Clash of Ages.

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