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Planet Sheen: Been There, Sheen There

Planet Sheen: Been There, Sheen There
Planet Sheen: Been There, Sheen There 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Sheen is that famous character from Jimmy Neutron, who has been here and there and now is exploring a planet in space all alone. He always wanted to become a spacial explorer, visited quite a few different world and dimensions thanks to his genius friend and now has the opportunity of finding one himself and naming after him: as Planet Sheen. Unfortunately this one is taken, but he has found some aliens with which he might find friendship. Prove his values in different tasks done directly to their king, always keeping an eye on those who aren’t to be trusted. The instruction appear in-game, but in order to make this online experience better, know that the Arrow keys move him and that X is useful for interactions.

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