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Pickle and Peanut: Mjärt Mart Madness

Pickle and Peanut: Mjärt Mart Madness
Pickle and Peanut: Mjärt Mart Madness 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Pickle and Peanut will churn milk into cheese in this funny automatic idle game, where clicking endlessly provides more pennies and free points. At first it’s the hard work with the Mouse that will make them both work, still all alone, profiting some cash from the food making. Fortunately, this Disney game becomes more interesting as they invest, upgrading by hiring friends to automatically generate score, which can be used for more achievements and the growth of their production. The game ends with the timer reaching zero, so try to break your record before that, working for the Mjärt Mart in complete madness.

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